The Mardi Gras

Delighting punters by creating the unexpected


New Mardi Gras came to us with a brief to creatively, logistically and technically steer two world-renowned events - Mardi Gras Party and Sleaze Ball - to ensure they were breaking new ground, were highly theatrical and financial goals were achieved.


We have theatrical background and a flair for the spectacular, so felt confident we could bring together a range of acts to create a show that energised over twenty thousand revealers across eight different stages. And we did!

We took New Mardi Gras’ ambitions and exploded them with huge stage shows involving hundreds of dancers, spectacular effects, cutting edge technology, political satire, acrobats and aerialists. All of this was delivered with the utmost care for the safety of staff and spectators, and of course, delivered on the client’s financial goals. 


New Mardi Gras had big ambitions around their Mardi Gras Party and Sleaze Ball events - and we took those ambitions and surpassed them. These masterpiece parties delighted punters of all ages and tastes, which is testament to the scale and diversity of the acts, as well as the seamless logistics we provided.