Priceline Pinky Online

Australia wide interactive digital in-store solution


Our clients Priceline are committed to giving Australian women an extensive range of options to help look good, live well and feel great. 

What started out as a prestigious Awards show has developed into a popular web sensation with the Priceline Pinky Awards now an online entity that attracts participants in the hundreds of thousands. 


We work closely each year with the Priceline marketing team to develop an exciting online Awards format that customers can participate in online.

A Pinky Award is valued recognition for great health and beauty products Australians love. With over 30 categories, the online activation encourages their customer base to vote on their favourite Priceline products and brands.

The team build, design, host and manage the Awards site, which attracts 400,000 voters annually.

The site links to other Priceline portals where customers can purchase their favourite products online as well as enter a competition to win beauty packages or a luxury holiday.

We have also created an online booking system to enable Priceline customers to book sessions on beauty advice and health checks.


We have established a roust online system for the Pinky Awards that can handle high volumes of online activity at once with user friendly functionality and backend access for clients to update information instantly. Priceline Pinky Awards grows in popularity every year with 5% of the Australian adult female population now taking part annually.