Mastercard Priceless

A floating green on the beautiful Sydney Harbour at sunrise


We were invited to launch an experiential campaign for Mastercard by their agency, Octagaon, to help Australians rediscover their love of Sydney by gaining select access to priceless experiences, VIP dining, sporting, shopping and entertainment experiences across the city.

Being one of the first cities to pioneer the MasterCard Priceless Cities program it had to be executed to perfection…. the iconic Sydney Opera House and it’s stunning harbour provided the ideal location to do this.


A call to action was made to consumers to come and try their luck at the priceless experience of hitting a gold ball into a floating hole in the middle of the harbour. This included celebrities and golfing ambassadors to face the media and show their skills.

As the backbone of the client we offered a solution to technically produce a multifaceted creation that incorporated the knowledge of fashion shows, broadcast, fine dining, sport, media handling and the maritime policies and procedures.

The team thrived with the tight timelines, logistical challenges and a stringent environmental policy that is inherent with activities like striking golf balls onto a floating green on the beautiful Sydney Harbour at sunrise.


Utilising their extensive technical knowledge of one of Australia’s most prestigious yet challenging venues the destination and experiences that were created were, simply priceless.

Consumers loved it, media covered it and socially it was a hole in one.