Abbott Australasia National Conferences

Journey to the future


Abbott Australasia retained us to deliver their National Sales and Marketing conferences.

Our brief was to clearly integrate the Abbott Australasia strategy into a theme that would become the ‘name’ of the conference and carry this theme through the entire experience.  Most importantly, Abbott were looking for a cohesive and clear communication of a single theme.


We suggested the concept of ‘Navigate’ as the central activation point for the project. Building on the company’s key internal communication of ‘Journey to 2013’, we felt that the Sales and Marketing team were the ultimate navigators of the company’s future, and conceived a project that reflected this.

Each day the conference would start in ‘The Chart House’; a rebrand of the event space that included directional signage, key card wallets, maps and venue staff. The team was greeted with different music and imagery each day that became more modern as the conference progressed, as guests navigated towards their destination.

We custom designed a team building activity utilising GPS units, go-karts and water skis to send delegates on a series of tasks. Each time the team successfully completed a task; they earned pieces of a bike, which they then assembled.

In a unique surprise, the bikes were given to young foster kids who were on hand to receive the gifts from the teams - an unforgettable and emotional end to a terrific day.

The final night was the gala awards, in which guests were invited to celebrate a party themed ‘New Years Eve 2012’; effectively symbolising that the Abbott participants had successfully navigated to their collective goal.


The conference committee all agreed that our concept and delivery communicated the key message of ‘Journey to 2013’ in a powerful and memorable way.