Sydney University Campaign Launch

The Festival of Notes


The University of Sydney had a vision for the launch of their long-term and fundraising campaign. The event was to cater to the top echelon of the University’s philanthropic community and take the form of a Gala Dinner at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney.

Beyond the launch, the University of Sydney wanted to showcase the fact that people are at the heart of the University - not only students but faculty, researchers, alumni and donors. The University was looking for a way to creatively express the case for support by illustrating excellence, energy, curiosity and creativity using students and academics for all of the content for the evening. We took up this challenging and exciting brief with alacrity. 


The University is an inspiring institution, a place of learning, but also a place of incredible teachers. Our creative solution to the brief was entitled “The Festival of Notes”, based around the concept of showcasing the University’s teaching intellect by placing a keynote at each of the 40 tables – to host a discussion around their area of expertise. Each course saw a rotation of the keynotes to new tables, providing the guests with a greater exposure to intellectual excellence.

Each rotation of the keynotes was accompanied by the delicious delights of a menu designed by Executive Chef Brent Savage of Bentley Restaurants and Bar and prepared by Bayleaf Catering.

The delivery of this ambitious concept was facilitated by working hand-in-hand with several faculties of The University of Sydney. Together we managed the rotating keynotes, as well as delivering a gallery experience at the entrance to the dinner, exhibiting works from The School of Physics, Field of Robotics, The Sydney College of Arts and Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

A highlight and visually inspiring element of the night was ‘Faculty Stories’ – a multimedia performance. The performance consisted of a journey through the achievements of fourteen faculties to demonstrate how The University of Sydney is making an extraordinary difference to our world. We worked across the board to acquire these inspirational stories and build them into a six minute multimedia piece. 


The University’s desire to create a unique event which truly represented the cause for which they were fundraising was truly fulfilled with this event. The guests a sense of pride and awe at the breadth of achievement that resides at The University of Sydney, which was evidenced in the $16 million which was donated on the night. We were proud to have transformed the University’s desire into reality, and helped them to achieve this incredible fundraising result.