Sony Foundation Wharf4Ward

Up close and personal time with each act


The Sony Foundation is the charitable arm of the Sony Group of companies and uses this group of stellar companies to assist youth and foster their talents.  This makes them a powerful force in the charity scene and we are overjoyed to be their event partner and sponsor.

We are developing a number of events for the Foundation and every October the Wharf 4 Ward is the highlight, and the most challenging.


The very nature of an event along all the restaurants in the Woolloomooloo Wharf means the biggest challenge is to ensure every guest gets an equal experience.  Two hundred metres of performance space, one thousand guests, over six different restaurants, four different Sony acts and all in four hours to Sony and their guests means we have to get everything spot on.

The complete change from one central stage to numerous stages along the Wharf is a great start, convincing artists to create a routine with less than an hour on site rehearsal is the challenge. Thankfully they see the vision and embrace it each time, from performing on cars to a complete new choreography the acts are outstanding.


Each guest gets up close and personal time with each act, the additional screens with specialist music camera directors and perfect sound mean the event continues to build on the success of the previous year.  As to the charity, hundreds of thousands are raised and in fundraising terms that is what adds up and makes this a Wharf 4 Ward.