NIDA Foundation Fundraising Events

Pushing boundaries to celebrate NIDA's 50 years


The very nature of Fourth Wall as a collection of creators stems from our company directors’ experiences studying at NIDA. Here they watched as their peers learnt to dream on a bigger canvas, and they themselves developed their ability to breathe life into those dreams, making them a reality.

Creative collaborations tend to develop over the years, and we have since produced a host of NIDA dinners, launches and media events - from the Foundation Launch with Cate Blanchett to the 50th Anniversary Celebration.


We understood NIDA’s rich dramatic history and prominence in the industry, which enabled us to match highly theatrical but perfectly run experiences. 

NIDA represents a world of possibilities - the talent, the unique spaces, a multitude of prop and costume collections - and we harnessed all of these elements for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Shining a new light on these creative elements we produced and managed a vast project with constant entertainment in forty different spaces featuring eight stages.

But we didn’t stop there. Through our understanding of the client’s business, we also saw an opportunity to give students a place in our collection of creators for these events, bringing them into the collaboration process and empowering them to contribute in a meaningful way.


Both parties were thrilled with how this creative collaboration evolved and together we delivered an event of such scale and dynamism that it did justice to NIDA’s 50 years. Like the best creative partnerships, Fourth Wall and NIDA continue to inspire and push boundaries together - the show will go on!