A canvas for Beyonce's sparking personality


The Los Angeles division of Sony came to us with a big gig - to design and produce a worldwide interview with Beyonce. Sony needed an interview setting, which would appeal to an international audience but also work as a canvas for Bey’s sparkling personality. 


We had an innate understanding that the iconic appeal of our star was the key asset, and therefore took the approach of simply finding the perfect showcase for Beyonce herself - a setting where she could be comfortable and therefore shine. We found this in a polished acrylic infinity floor with custom made sheer drapes, designer chandeliers and carefully sourced furniture.

Once our set was finalised, we knew we had to bring it to life and showcase it to the world. Numerous cameras were brought in, from jibs to pedestal cameras, which enabled us to cover every angle of the interview, and Beyonce to shine.


The nature of working with a megastar like Beyonce meant there were inevitable last minute changes at the request of the record label, management and local promoter - something we were comfortable with from the very beginning.

Our flair and flexibility meant that these were seamlessly integrated, and the final result was the exact embodiment of Sony’s vision for the interview. And of course, Beyonce shone, but we’d expect nothing less from the darling of the music biz!