XXXX Island

Giving an insight to the Island itself


The award winning PR firm, Res Publica, engaged Fourth Wall to produce, design and deliver the launch of the XXXX Island campaign.

This launch was to the Australian media and would involve brand ambassadors and details on the newly acquired Island.

Lion, owner of XXXX, wanted an event that would creatively launch the campaign and grab the media’s attention. 


The team hired the floating party space, The Island, to stage the event...adding numerous boat transfers to ensure the media could come and go as they pleased.

In order to recreate the sense of being on the actual XXXX Island, Fourth Wall hired a sand sculptor who produced an amazing and detailed replica of the island.

XXXX were piled high in a tinny and a wrought iron palm tree and photo installation recreated, gave an insight into the Island itself.

To add theatricality to the event, the six brand ambassadors were brought in from the harbour on fast fishing ‘run-abouts’ to music and commentary from the Master of Ceremonies Tony Squires. 

The water sequence created great photo opportunities and hype for the day, before they were all interviewed around the bar.


The Island showed off XXXX Island with great flair, yet with a casual style that made all guests want to by cases of XXXX to win a weekend away on XXXX Island. 

The media had fantastic shots and branded moments that enabled strong media coverage and the start of what has already become a very successful campaign.