Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Slime, slime and more slime!


The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards are a global event, but the Australian show enjoys the reputation for setting the standard.

We are proud to be retained by Nickelodeon to create the largest kids television award show in Australia. 


Year on year we have the pleasure of taking inspiration from Nickelodeon’s trademark green slime.

Over 3000 litres of slime is used in one event, and we have used this element as a springboard year on year to deliver this signature in a fresh new way - be it slime pools, slime waterfalls, slime bombs, slime fire-hoses or slime-fuelled Ghostbusters packs.

Whilst slime is the signature of the show, we also manage thousands of screaming kids and a highly technical and detailed live television broadcast to international cable networks.

Beyond slime and TV cameras, we take pride in setting new standards each year for this event with the most visually exciting special effects possible - splashing colour and movement across the stage with every moment, so that ultimately we produce an awards show which appeals to kids and adults alike.


Nickelodeon continues to be impressed with how we break new ground technically, evolve the concept year on year and above all, smash ratings with audience numbers surpassing expectations.

By working closely with our client, being inspired by the signature element of the station and pushing our own thinking out, we deliver an award show which is a worldwide benchmark for the brand.