Deadly Awards

Indigenous Australia's night of nights


The Deadly Awards are Indigenous Australia’s night of nights, recognising the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to their community and to Australian society. 

The awards are designed to showcase a range of outstanding achievement and inspire all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are appointed to come up with a creation for the set and production manage the overall environment installation, to ensure that it integrated with the technical aspects of the event.


Our approach was to use almost three hundred white discs that could be ‘painted’ with light and textured projections in different ways for each performance and each year. We designed the discs to be configured off-site, which reduced the time needed to install, and maximised our ability to carefully plot each lighting sequence.

Variable speed computer controlled Kinesys motors were used to fly the LED screen in and out to reveal the performers and create a seemingly ever-changing space. Custom design lecterns finished the design and the use of a similar white ‘dot’ motif in the screen content for nominations and film clips resulted in polished and cohesive performance and stage design.


The images on both television and still cameras were stunning and the Awards continue to be held in high esteem, with fantastic performances from Casey Donovan, Troy Cassar Daley, Shellie Morris & The Pigram Brothers.

The show was sold out, broadcast on SBS at the prime spot of Saturday 7.30pm and has been heralded as “the best ever”.