Australian Export Awards

Breaking new ground year on year


The design and delivery of the event was seamless and changes due to last minute Ministerial
requirements on the night were made without issue.


The main concept focused around a seawater design that reflected the indigenous nature of the country, and this was continued by us using raw materials to deliver the event.

As a backdrop to the stage, the team designed runs of raw wooden sticks that were lit from the front to create an amazing glowing set. These were lined under two screens that worked separately to create a unique butterfly effect.

Throughout the main room we used flowers known as ‘pin wheels’ from South Australia to bring the red theme into the room. Each year there is a finale effect using pyrotechnics or flutter, Parliament House have never allowed this in The Great Hall due to the potential for damage to the mural.


Year on year we have been retained by Austrade to deliver these National and high profile awards, included the Prime Minister’s National Award which is given to the top exporter of the year.

These awards are to be delivered on a scale that makes them stand out from any other awards seen through-out the year, and as they are also a culmination of the State Awards the event must be delivered in a manner that lives up to the national standard.